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Yourpay quardruples customerbase

In 2018, Yourpay focused on development, adaptation and optimization. Precisely the optimization that means that our customer portfolio has quadrupled in 2019, which in round numbers amount to the fact that every third Dane has shopped in companies that use Yourpay as a payment solution.

Customer growth

In the first six months of 2019, our customer portfolio has grown from approx. 5,000 registered customers to as many as 21,000 active. These are companies that use Yourpay every day to receive card payments through e.g. invoices, webshops, stores and subscription payments. Through Yourpay, Danish traders have received payments in more than 100 currencies.

Optimering firedobler kundebase

Strong partnerships

Yourpay’s significant growth in 2019 is due to both streamlining and optimizing the company, as well as a number of partnerships that have exceeded expectations in terms of growth. “On the quiet days today, we get between 40 and 50 new customers into Yourpay. Of course, this means that everything must work optimally, and at the same time it places particularly high demands on the way we run the business, ”says Yourpay’s CEO, Mathias Gajhede.

More products

One of our goals in 2018 was to expand the range of products. And today we process payments via invoices, subscriptions, store terminals and webshop solutions. This results in a great diversity in the customer base, which is obviously valuable financially.

Cooperation and development

In April, we announced a major collaboration with a British player, Secure Trading, which will soon add a triple-digit million amount, part of which will help bring Yourpay’s services across Europe. SecureTrading has subsequently been sold to a larger conglomerate, which sees great opportunities in the future to lead Yourpay to e.g. USA.

The innovation strategy

As part of our innovation strategy and collaboration with SecureTrading, Yourpay has in 2019 enabled our customers to create an acquiring agreement and receive their payment just ten minutes after creation. It looks unconditionally like the documentation is in place. “This kind of automation we’ve used, we are the only Danish payment solution that has that, and we expect that it will help us lift us further in Denmark” says Mathias proudly. This means that when you set up your webshop, Yourpay competes on an equal footing with American Paypal and Stripe for the customer’s turnover.


We have spent the first six months of the year preparing our platform, which enables significant expansion in several countries. After the summer holidays, Yourpay expects to be able to launch in seven languages, as the company recently announced a new website for growth in Eastern Europe after the summer holidays.