Yourpay and Kiva

Yourpay supports entrepreneurship and business growth for the people who need it most.

Why do we support Kiva?

At Yourpay, we are proud to support entrepreneurship locally – where it is most needed. We support through Kiva, an international nonprofit organization that helps the poor get micro-loans through crowdfunding so they can start their own entrepreneurship or grow their business.

Borrowers live in countries where you do not start a business solely to realize yourself or a dream. It is a matter of earning money to provide for oneself and one’s family.

Innovation, development and growth are keywords at Yourpay. That is why it is very close to our heart to support this cause.

CSR Kiva story

What is Kiva

Kiva enables people in poorer countries to get in touch with both businesses and individuals who can support self-selected micro-loans.

In this way, people in, for example, Africa can start a business themselves and thus provide for themselves and their families. Kiva has helped approx. 3.4 million borrowers in more than 78 countries.

How does it work?

Through a number of partnerships with local players and a larger group of lenders, Yourpay supports people in eg Kenya under the conditions and prerequisites that are local.

We help a multitude of entrepreneurs start up businesses or further develop their existing business. It helps them ensure their survival and run a future-proof business.

It makes a difference

Some of the entrepreneurs contact us to tell us about their business and their success stories. As a reader, you become both happy and warm inside when you read, that what we support makes a huge difference to people. These are the things that the rest of us take for granted every day, ie a roof over our heads and food on the table.

Salims historie
Salim lives in Kenya, which has 49 million inhabitants and has been affected by war and oppression in the past. The country first became independent in 1964. Salim is a tenant in a house in Kenya, where he has electricity but no water. He has a copy business where he copies pictures and texts for his clients. The biggest challenge for his business is seasonal fluctuations – there is less demand for copying documents when schools and universities are closed.

With the 10,000 KES (approx. DKK 650) Yourpay has helped to support Salim with, he has bought new printer paper. With that, he can offer other forms of copying and thus reach a new customer group, and then he is no longer dependent on the season.
Would you also like to make a difference? – www.kiva.org