Get Viabill in your webshop and increase your conversions

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ViaBill is a smart payment method for your webshop that boosts your sales. With Viabill in your webshop, your customers do not have to pay the entire order amount at once. Instead, they can split the payment into smaller chunks. This makes the purchase more manageable for the customer and thus increases your conversion rate.

It is not only your customers who will be happy with the solution. Viabill pays the entire order amount to you immediately, while your customer pays the amount back in installments.

How ViaBill works with Yourpay

Customer experience:

Once you have the integration associated with your payment solution, the customer is free to choose whether they will pay the full amount at once with regular credit cards in our Gateway or over several installments. If the customer chooses to pay through ViaBill, they will automatically be allocated a “My ViaBill” account and thereby be able to pay the amount in several smaller rates. That way, the customer will be able to increase the size of the basket and thus your conversion up to 2-3% per order.

Your experience:

Should your customer choose to pay through ViaBill, all credit risk will be passed on. You will get the full amount paid out to your admin page from which you can manage all your payments.

What does it cost?

As a customer of Yourpay, you do not have to pay Viabill’s normal setup fee. Specifically, you save  4,995. DKK

All you have to pay is your regular card fee.

However, it is quite free to have an account with Yourpay. You only pay for what you spend. We have no subscription, no minimum contract period and always free support.

Grow your business with Viabill

If you are already a Yourpay customer, you can implement the integration in your webshop today.

If you are not yet a customer, you can sign up in minutes. Once set up, you can receive payments right away,

Customize your payment solution to fit your business, simple and easy

Your benefits

  • Increase your order size by 30%
  • Get twice as many paying customers
  • Get your entire order amount right away – completely risk free
  • No set-up fee

Make online payment easy for your customers

The more opportunities your customers have to pay at their pace, the greater the likelihood that they will choose to use your webshop. Give them a wide palette and see your conversion increase. Here’s what else we offer:

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