Switch your Verifone VX680 terminal for a new and fast PAX

Send your terminal to Yourpay, Valhøjs Alle 158, DK-2610 Rødovre and receive your PAX A920 1-2 business days after.

If you cannot do without your terminal, simply send an email to support@yourpay.io. Then you will receive a link to a deposit of DKK 500 and we will send the PAX as soon as the order is received.

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  • Missing cord
  • No cords missing
  • Fully functional screen
  • Slightly damaged screen
  • Very broken screen


Replace your old Verifone VX680 terminal with a modern new PAX A920 terminal from Yourpay. If the terminal is fully functional you can get the full use price for it. We also welcome it if it is only partial or not functional at all. Therefore, it does not matter what condition we receive the terminal in. The price will be determined according to whether the screen is complete, missing parts or that it simply does not work. When you put it in the basket, you simply select the features on or off that stand out for your specific terminal and then the price is calculated from here. Your Verifone VX680 terminal, which simply fills in the warehouse, can therefore be worth its weight in gold.

With a PAX A920 terminal you get a fast and modern card terminal. If you have a web shop, it can be connected to the PAX terminal so that you have the opportunity to manage your warehouse from one place. The terminal is cordless, has contactless payment, long battery life, Paydriod operating system (a version of Android) and built-in thermal printer. You can therefore easily carry it where assistance is needed. Whether it is for sale in a store, restaurant, warehouse sale or something completely fourth. You can read much more about the PAX A920 terminal here.

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Damaged screen

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