Card terminal from PAX, modern and simple terminal

  • Contactless payment
  • Wireless
  • Own sim card (can be rented for extra 49 kr per month)
  • Can be connected on WiFi
  • Paydroid operating system (version of Android)
  • Can be connected to your webshop, so you only have to manage your stock in one place
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • 9.7 inch touch screen
  • Long battery life



With a PAX card terminal, you get a user-friendly and modern device that can run on both WiFi and its own sim card.

You do not need special cards or complicated codes to use it. You just log in, enter an amount and you are ready to receive the card payment. When the transaction is completed, it has its own printer so the customer can receive their receipt immediately. It uses a special version of Android called Paydroid, which apart from call and SMS features is similar to Android. Once the payment is complete, you can immediately see the amount on your admin page. From here you can refund

If you have a webshop, you can in most cases connect your card terminal to it, and then you can use your webshop as a payment system. This way you will avoid the cost of expensive cashier systems and multiple storage systems. You can keep it all in one place.

The terminal is designed in a modern and simple design, with a 9.7 inch touch screen that responds quickly. Its sleek and elegant design allows it to blend in directly with your business décor without interfering with clumsy wires and ugly printers.

You can read more about how it works here.