I can't see my terminal here

Missing your terminal in our overview? Send us an email at support@yourpay.io, preferably with pictures, and we will send you an offer on what you can get a discount on a new PAX A920.

Then simply send your terminal to Yourpay, Valhøjs Alle 158, 2610 Rødovre and you will receive your PAX A920 1-2 business days after.

If you cannot do without your terminal, simply notify us in the email. Then you will receive a link to a deposit of DKK 500 and we will send the PAX as soon as the order is received.

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If your card terminal is missing from our list of terminals, it is not because we wont receive it, but simply because we have chosen to include only the most common terminals. If you have a terminal (or maybe more) that you would like to exchange for a new and lightning fast PAX A920, just send us an email at support@yourpay.io and very much like with pictures. It is important that we know what condition the terminal is in and about all parts included. You may want to send pictures with the terminal so that we can give you a specific price. If you want an idea of where your card terminal is priced, try looking at some of the terminals that resemble it. SO if your card terminal is missing from our overview there is still hope ahead.

Should your card terminal lack parts or have certain defects, we also accept it, for a reduction in price. You can also read more about our PAX terminal by visiting our product page.