The easy solution

The easy solution, when it comes to payments

I see it too often… .. Payment solutions that make it easy for businesses and end customers to buy something. Either in a shop or physically in the store. No matter where and how, someone has thought it should be easy for the company and easy for the end customer. Frictionless and easy in the purchasing situation, so terms like “abandoned carts” and “basket size” work properly. In plain words, this means that it should be easy for you, as a consumer, to buy something, for example online. So, the easy solution.

The forgotten accountant

But what about me !!!! As a bookkeeper, I often sit in “! #”! # ¤§! ” to my neck. Because nobody has ever thought about how it should eventually be set up in bookkeeping when all the nice money hits the bank. It can be things like

  • Invoices to be settled and marked as paid
  • Fees to be booked correctly
  • Subscription schemes to be charged

The list is long and one thing is for sure; if the entire value chain is not thought through, a potential saving, in terms of acquiring agreements and fees, ends up being eaten up in internal administration and lost overview.

Den nemme løsning 2

Different scenarios

As I said, there are several areas where payment solutions are a great idea. It can for example be

  • Collection through invoice
  • Subscription Charges
  • Webshop payments


Whatever you choose, one of the Danes’ favorite payment weapons is often the credit card. Therefore, it becomes incredibly relevant to make sure the solutions fit with your business ALL the way around.

Invoice charges

It is not always easy to get away with collecting payment of your invoice via credit card, but I certainly think that the customers themselves should have the choice. Whether it is via credit card, mobile payment or something completely third, it must be up to the individual. But I think that, as with the webshop, it should be as frictionless and easy as possible to be allowed to pay the bill. At the same time, I think it must of course be well integrated with your financial system, so that I, as an accountant, do not have to lift a finger.

Subscription charges

It is a whole chapter, or maybe a novel, in itself. Depending on how complex your subscriptions can be set up, that part is pure rocket science on its own. But if we, for now, imagine that that part is easy. Then comes the next step: getting customers to pay in an easy way. And depending on what you sell, it may be the easiest thing to do is credit card payment. However, I often find that these are B2B products where the price is relatively high. Then it is simply not possible to claim payment by credit card. But it is often worth the effort. If that is not possible, I just want you to make sure it all works properly with your bookkeeping so you know who paid and who should have sent an invoice. The easy solution is not always the best.

Webshop payments

Again, an area that can be solved in many ways. But no matter how you solve it, the interaction with your bookkeeper is essential. Because if your sales, payments and bookkeepings are not well connected, it all ends up being a big gordian knot that can be quite impossible to solve. So from the start, make sure you ally yourself with payment solutions, integrators and bookkeepers who have experience with webshops, so you are sure that it will all be resolved as easily and elegantly, and thus as cheaply as possible. Because there is ultimately only one to pay for the whole thing…. And that’s YOU.

Good luck outthere


About Frederik Sandgrav, guestblogger;
Frederik owns and runs the accounting company Sandgrav Solutions