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Even the biggest payment providers can be placed in receivership and go bankrupt.

It’s a killer for you as a business owner, especially if your provider of choice terminates your contract from one day to the next – and even more so, if it’s without notice.

Yourpay is as a Payment Facilitator not exposed in the same way, since our back bone consists of multiple acquierers – which gives you, as a store, the optimal security to not have to change again, but at the same time only one agreement.

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Step 1

Sign up on the link above

Follow the guide

Step 2

Follow the guide and upload the required information

Merchant number is ready

Step 3

Your new merchant number is ready straight away


Step 4

Install the Yourpay plugin on your store

Switch payment solution

Step 5

Receive the first MobilePay, VISA or Mastercard transaktion within minuttes

Price match

Step 6

Send us a copy of your old agreement

-and we’ll price match your card fee

Any other expenses?

At Yourpay you don’t pay anything but your transaction fee. You don’t commit to anything and you can cancel any time you want.

You don’t pay a subscription fee either or any other hidden fees. This means, for you, that you only pay for what you use and nothing else. So, switch payment solution and save money.

You can read more about our prices on the button below.

Switch payment solution

This is what you get when you make an account at Yourpay

Free support icon

Free support

Set up


acquirering agreement

Acquiring agreement

Accounting integrations

Accounting Integrations

Complete overview in admin

Overview of your  account in Admin

Switch payment solution today

There are many small businesses that has to close. This goes for payment providers too. This means, that a lot of businesses is left without payment solutions within the nearest future.

Are you one of those? Then you have a unique opportunity to swith to Yourpay without loosing revenue. The only thing you need to do, is to send us documentation for your price setting on your agreement and we’ll garanteed match the price.

Send it to support@yourpay.io or sign up right away. You can be up and running within 15 minuttes.

International and strong

Do you have a lot of overseas customers? Are you receiving payments in different currencies? At Yourpay you can set up your business as you like it. You can either use our widget or customize your payment flow.

You can even choose to get your transactions paid out in the currency you wish.

At Yourpay you can get it almost as you like. We have integrations to alle the major ERP’s, a wide selection of payment options and multiple plugins. In other words; you have everything you need close at hand and always free support.

On our support site, you can find almost always find answers to your questions and if you sign up for our newsletter, you get exclusive discounts and favorable offers tailormade for you.

Switch payment solution

Make online payment easy for your customers

Make use of our many different payment methods and make it easier for you customers to pay as they like. With multiple options to pay, you increase your convertion.

Get started with online payment right away

You don’t need a background as an engineer to use our solution. With our plug ‘n’ play payment module for the most used shop systems, it’s simple and quick to get started. It only takes a few minutes. It doesn’t require coding or technical skills – only a few clicks and you’re ready to receive payments on you webshop.

Connect your payment solution with your online accounting program

Once you have a payment solution from Yourpay, you can in no time synchronize your accounting program. With the wide range of smart features you can easily streamline your business. Automatic Bookkeeping is included, where all your online payments are posted to your accounting program. This way you save a lot of time and at the same time optimize your workflows by reducing manual labor.

We're ready to help

Not everyone knows what it takes to set up a PSP. Fortunately, we are experts in this and we always want to help. Our supporters are always ready to help, both by phone and mail. If it is outside of business hours, you can always send an email to support@yourpay.io.

We are looking forward to hear from you!