Has your old terminal become slow?

Switch your old payment terminal and the old ones value as a discount.

Switch your old payment terminal

Step 1

Switch your old payment terminal and find your terminal in our switch shop.

Step 2

Step 2

Put the item in the virtual basket and see how much you can get in discount on your new PAX.

Switch your old payment terminal

Step 3

Choose whether you want to pay immediately or later on your earnings.


Step 4

Send your old terminal to:
Yourpay ApS, Valhøjs Alle 158, DK-2610 Rødovre.

Switch your old payment terminal 2

Step 5

When we receive your terminal we replace it with a new PAX terminal …

Step 6

Step 6

… and send it off right away. You will receive your new PAX within 1-2 business days.

Replace your old terminal with a modern PAX payment terminal

Send your old payment terminal to Yourpay and save money on a brand fast and modern PAX payment terminal. The current value of the old terminal will be deducted.

If you want to know more about our PAX, you can read more about it right here.


When you have Yourpay products, you can use our integrations for accounting software for free and get the best prices on MobilePay.

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At Yourpay we have fixed transparent prices, no binding and no subscription. Our pricing structure is simple:

  • Fixed transaction fee of 1.70% – regardless of card type and currency.
  • 0 payment days.

You have the option of both a lower transaction fee and shorter payout days if you wish. You can read more about that here.

What's included?

Free support icon

Free support

acquirering agreement

Acquiring agreement

Set up

Free setup

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an account with you to have a terminal?

Yes, it is necessary for us to be able to send you the money you earn. When you place your order an account will automatically be created and you will be contacted by our skilled onboarding team.

How much does an account cost at Yourpay?

Nothing. There are no fees or subscriptions to our agreements. You can always terminate your aggrement at your convenience.

Can I swittch all types of terminals?

Yes, all terminals are welcome. It does not matter if the terminal is functional, but the price you get for it is naturally higher the better it is when you switch your old payment terminal.

Can I call for support and get the value determined?

No, but by clicking on the link and setting the terminal’s condition, you can find the price.

Can I turn in more terminals and thus save more money?

Yes, you can turn in all the terminals that you want. Simply find them, indicate the condition and add them to the basket. Please note that no matter how many terminals you submit, you cannot get lower than DKK 0 for the PAX terminal.

How fast is the terminal switched?

When we receive your terminal, it will usually take 1-2 business days and then you have a new terminal with the post, set up and ready to use.

How do I pay for the new PAX terminal?

When you put the old terminal in the basket, you are taken to the check-out page. Here you can choose whether you want to pay immediately or over your earnings. Of course, there is no shipping, and you will also receive receipt rolls for the first few days.

What types of companies can get a PAX?

All regular companies are welcome for the offer, however, the following companies are exempted as they operate under the high risk category:

  • Gambling
  • All types of tobaccos (including wapes)
  • Airline tickets
  • Medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Euphoric drugs / narcotics(illegal products)
  • Escort

My terminal does not appear in the shop?

We have chosen to put only the most common terminals in our shop, but if you have a terminal that is not there, you can send us an email at support@yourpay.io and we will get back to you with a price. You can also find the terminal that looks most like it and get an idea of how much you can get for it.

What if I cannot do without a terminal?

Of course, if you want to change the terminal that you use on a daily basis, you cannot do without it. For a deposit of DKK 500, we send the new terminal to you first. You will of course get the deposit back when we receive your old terminal. Simply write an email to support@yourpay.io. Remember to state the brand model and a little about the stand in the mail:

  • Does it have all the corts or are some missing
  • Is the screen very broken, slightly broken or fully functional

Return policy

You always have 14 days to cancel when purchasing a card terminal – of course, this also applies to our switch to a new concept. Within the 14 days you can return the terminal if, in all expectation, it does not live up to your expectations.


See here, what you can get for your old payment terminal, and get a new and modern PAX instead


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