Which card types can my customers pay with?

With a payment solution from Yourpay, your customers can pay with all card types issued or supported by VISA and MasterCard. They can with these card both online, as on a webshop or in a physical store paying on one of our terminals.

If your customers try to pay with other types of cards that are not supported or issued by VISA and MasterCard, the payment will be rejected.

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Are there different fees?

With Yourpay you get the most transparent and understandable prices on the market. Therefore the fee is the same, no matter the type of card or where in the world the card is from.

That way you don’t have to worry about unforeseen expenses or extra fees, when you receive payments from all over the world.

You can read more about our transactions fees and why you you only have to pay one transaction fee on all cards here.

What is a VISA Dankort, Maestro and Eurocard?

There are many different types of cards, which are connected with the card issuers, but work as an extension of one or more brands.

VISADankort is from Denmark and is a combination of Dankort from Nets and the VISA card. That means that the consumer can can choose which part of the card he/she wiches to use when paying on a terminal that supports both possibilities. Altough Yourpay doesn’t support the true Dankort, your customers can still pay with a ViSADankort. This is possible, as the VISA part of the card will be used to make the payment.

Eurocard is a MasterCard brand, which is marketed separately, still it is the technology if MasterCard, which is used. Threrfore your customers are able to pay with their Eurocard, when you have a payment solution from Yourpay.

Can my customers make payments in other ways?

If you have a webshhop, you also have the possibility of receiveing payments through MobilePay. Yourpay offers the lowest price on MobilePay Online in Denmark.

On our terminals, your customers can also pay with both Google Pay and Apple Pay.

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