When will my money be paid out?

Are you in doubt about when your will receive your first payout from Yourpay?

In accordance with Danish law on money laundering, Yourpay is not allowed to pay out your money until you are completely onboarded, and your account has been approved by our onboarding and compliance team.

Be aware that the required information and documentation on your admin page has to be filled out and then your will be contacted by our onboarding team, with a few short questions. Your can read more about the onboarding process here.

When will my money be in approved payout?

When you ship an order to a customer and capture the payment, it will tage up to 14 bank days, before the money is paid out from Yourpay. So if you don’t click on capture, the money won’t be withdrawn from your customer’s account and the money won’t be paid out to you.

How long it takes from you clicking on capture, until you receive the payout on your account, depends on the amount of payout days you have on your agreement.

Capture payment

When you have captured a payment, you can find it under “Captured Payments” in your Yourpay admin page. If you have refunded the payment, it will be deducted from your future payouts.

You will then be able to see the daily turnover in your payouts:

Payout Date

Date is the capture date and this will appear on your bank statement in the following way:

YP2610-XX, where XX are the last to digits in your Production Merchant ID

The account is approved and I have made transactions. When do I get my money?

When you receive your payouts depend on the conditions on your account. You can see the amount of payouts days that you have on your account on your admin Dashboard.

You have to be aware that days where the bank is closed, such as national holidays and weekends, do not count as payout days.

Payments that are captured on days where the bank is closed, will be registered on the following bank day.

You can read more about the different days, and what they mean here.

If there is anything that we can help you with, you are always welcome to contact our support or give us a call on 70 555 678.

0 Payout days

In one of our price packages, we offer 0 payout days. That means that the money is paid out the same that as they are captured. If the capture day is on a national holiday or during a weekend, the money will be paid out the following bank day.

Please be aware that with 0 bank days, there is a deadline at 8 pm. This is due to the fact that we have to submit all payout to the bank at 8 pm in order to ensure that you will get the money the next day. Therefore, if you capture money after 8 pm, the money won’t be paid out on the same day.

So if you have a business, where you regularly capture money after 8 pm, 0 payout days will not work for your company.

Read more about our prices here.

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