What is auto capture?

Autocapture or instant capture – how do you set it up and when can you use it?

In this article, you can read about how you can set up autocapture in your WooCommerce webahop, and what the rules are for using autocapture. 

When setting up Yourpay in WooCommerce you it is possible to instantly capture your payments. 

The only thing you have to do is to check the box with “Instant Capture”. If this is not activated, you have manually capture the payment or set it up so the payment is captured at a specific stage. 

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When can you use autocapture?

If you have a business, where you sell products that are delivered right away – for example an app, music or a service – then you can use instant capture.

If you have to ship your products to your customers, then it is not legal to capture the payment until the order is shipped.

More payment methods

When you use Yourpay’s payment plugin in WooCommerce, you can make use of several payment methods. 

You can for example offer your customers to pay through ViaBill. Here they have the opportunity to get a small loan and pay in installments without it affecting you. You will get your money right away. 

You can also use MobilePay for the best price on the market and allow your customers to pay using their phone. It is easy and convenient for you. Read more about it here. 

Here you can see how easy it is to set up Yourpay in WooCommerce. 

Need more help?

We are always ready to help with your setup and it doesn’t cost you anything. Please call to hear more on 70 555 678.

No matter which shop system you’re using, or payment method you seek, Yourpay has a solution for you. You can read more about all your options right here.

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