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Bambora is a Swedish payment company, offering payment solutions to physical stores, e-commerce and mobile services. Headquaters is placed in Stockholm, but the concern also has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, as well as Denmark, Norway and Findland.

Which cards are accepted?

Bambora is connected to Nets’ infrastructure. They have also built an independent API-integration, which can be used by larger companies and integrators. That makes it possible for larger customers, who choose this solution to pick the integration that suits them.


Bambora’s prices can be found on their website, where it is also possible to create an account directly with the company.

It is relevant and important to note that an agreement with Bambora, requires an agreement with a PSP – or by using their PSP department.

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Pro's and con's with Bambora

The concern was founded in 2015 and in the beginning merged with the company Euroline. Keycorp, Damport, Mobile Payment Solution, DK-Online and e-pay. With Bambora you therefore find a wide selection of opportunities.

Since Bambora’s core business is being acquirere, it is necessary to have an agreement wth a PSP (Payment Service Provider) in addition to your agreement with Bambora.

The acquirer deals with with the actual processing of the payments, whereas the chosen Payment Service Provider, provides the payment integration to the merchant. Thereby the cardholder has the opportunity to pay for your products.

Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge, in their own API-integration, Bambora does not support alternative payment methods or services.

If such methods or services are necessary for your business model, and you wish to accept Dankort, MobilePay or others of the sorts, you need to find a suitable Payment Service Provider.

Yourpay as a complete solution

Yourpay is an omni-channel, covering the entire pallet of payments. So whether you have a webshop, physical store or for some other reason have to capture payments, we have a solution for you. With Yourpay you get a complete solution, which also means that there is also an payment agreement included in your agreement with Yourpay.

Read more about our products here.

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