What is an IPN call?

Shortly after the transaction have been processed, a Callback is sent to the webshop, which tells the shop that the transaction have been processed and can be captured.

The Callback is sent automatically and asyncronous with the consumers payment. Yourpay send all Callbacks as GET requests and consists of the following information:


uxtimeUnix timestamp of the moment the Callback was created
MerchantNumberThe merchantid for the reciving merchant
tidPaymentID for the transaction, this is needed for ‘Capture Payment’
tchecksum & checksumSHA1 (PaymentID + Integrationcode)
orderidOrderID from the Webshop
ShopPlatformThe shop platform used to pay with Yourpay
amountThe amount that has been paid by the consumer. 100 = 1 DKK, EUR
splitAlways 0
dateDate stamp for the payment.
cvcAlways empty string
expmonthExpiration month for the credit card.
expyearExpiration year for the credit card.
tcardnoHashed card number. The first six & the last four digits of the card are sent the rest is replaced with X
timeUnix timestamp of the moment the payment was processed. This is needed for ‘Capture Payment’
cardidThe Card type used, e.g. VISA, Mastercard etc.
currencyISO 4217 code for the currency used in the payment.
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