What happens to my business, if Yourpay goes bankrupt?

Are you in doubt or unsure of what will happen, if Yourpay goes bankrupt? There is no reason to be uncertain as Yourpay is approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, who make ongoing controls of the company. Also, your receivables are always secured through our licens as Payment Facilitator.

Your money is safe hands

According to the rules of Visa and MasterCard, Yourpay holds the role as Payment Facilitator, while our bank functions as acquirer. Read more about acquirers here.

If Yourpay goes bankrupt, our bank will step in and cover your receivables. If our bank goes bankrupt Visa and MasterCard will cover the clients’ receivables. Yourpay is the bank’s client, and you are our client – therefore Visa and MasterCard will cover your receivables through us.

That means that you are always ensured your revenue – no matter what happens.

And with Yourpay we guarantee that your money is in safe hands. When Visa and MasterCard send payments to us, they are transferred into a marked account and then transferred directly into the accounts of our clients.

Approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

There is no risk, for your money being included in the operations of Yourpay.

We can also calm any of your potential worries regarding bankruptcy by ensuring you that Yourpay is licensed by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Thereby the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority regularly control our liquidity and the operations of the company.

In other words, Yourpay’s bankruptcy is far from possible, but should the impossible occur, it won’t have any consequences for your company.

If you have any questions regarding this, or about anything else, then you are more than welcome to contact.

You can contact us directly through the website.

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