What do the different days mean?

Do you also get confused when we talk about capture day, release day and payout day? What is the difference and what does it have to do with when I get my money?

We understand the possible confusion. Therefore we have made this article, where you can learn more about what the different days mean.

Capture day

The capture day, is the day that you capture the money from your customer. Not all payments are automatically captured.

If you a webshop, then according to the law on e-commerce, you are not allowed to capture a payment before the product is shipped to the customer. This doesn’t apply to a physical store.

If the capture doesn’t happen automatically, then you are responsible for the capture yourself. You can do this through from your Yourpay admin. Read more about how to capture a payment here.

The capture day counts as day 0 in your payout days.

Release day

The release day is the day on which your payout is released from Yourpay and paid out to your account.

So if you for example have seven payout days, then the payout will be released on the seventh payout day following the capture of the payment.

When the money is released for payout, you will receive the money the following bank day.

Payout days

Payout days are the number of days thar it will take from the day of capture until it is released for payout.

When a payment agreement is made directly with Yourpay, you have the opportunity to choose between different numbers of payout days in our price packages. Read more about our prices here.

If you on the other hand have an agreement through one of partners, there are some predetermined conditions. Therefore your number of payout days will be set.

Payout days should be understood as bank days. That means that weekends and holidays, where the banks are closed, do not count.

So if you have seven payout days, then it take seven bank days from the capture of the payment until they are paid out.

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