Get ViaBill with Yourpay

What is ViaBill?

ViaBill is an online payment method, which allows your consumers the perfect opportunity to either postpone the payment, or to pay the order in instalments. ViaBill can for example be found as payment method on Saxo and Coolshop.

As soon as your customer has chosen to pay through ViaBill, they will get a “My ViaBill” account, where they can manage their monthly instalment – while you receive the full payment right away.

How does ViaBill work with Yourpay?

As Yourpay customer, it is easy for you to use ViaBill. We have fully integrated it into our payment methods. Therefore, you can with only a few clicks activitate it.

Log onto Yourpay App Store og here choose ViaBill.

When your customer goes onto your webshop to shop, they will see the additional payment method, ViaBill. When they choose this method, they will automatically be transferred to ViaBill.

When you use ViaBill with Yourpay, the ordre will still be registered in Yourpay admin, where you also manage your ViaBill payments.

How does ViaBill work with Yourpay?

  1. The consumer orders
    The consumer chooses the desired object and completes the check out flow.
  2. ViaBill pays out
    When the consumer chooses ViaBill as a payment method, you will automatically receive the money from ViaBill.
  3. The consumer pays instalments 
    The consumer will hereafter pay for the order in instalments, but you don’t have the credit risk as the owner of the webshop. You can just be happy to have received another order, and is quaranteed the payment, even though the order is paid in instalments.

What are the advantages with ViaBill?

Increased basket size:
Get an average increase in basket size of 32.7% per order.

Increased conversions:
Experience an increase in average conversion on 2-3% per order.

Give your customer the opportunity to share the payment with others

With Pay By Group, your customers have the opportunity to share the costs of an order with friends and family, in a quick and easy way.

Read more about Pay By Group as a payment method in your Yourpay App Store.

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