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When you utilize Yourpays services, be it eigher POS or online payments, your details needs to be validated and verified by Yourpay. We use our API function ‘validatelogin’ for this purpose.

This function requires three pieces of information:

  • a Yourpay username
  • a password
  • the value ‘1’ indicating if this is a POS terminal or ‘0’ if it’s not.

We have included a code example here.

If you run the code by uploading it to your server and navigating to the file, you are presented with a input form.


The input fields are tied to a request parameter that we send to the API:

Parameter names in this table are written in italic.

TIP You can open the file with notepad, if you do not have an editor for viewing source code.


Username (username)Your username for the merchant. Genereally the email. You have this in the email from when the merchant was created.
Password (password)Your password generated through Yourpay. You have this in the email from when you first created the merchant. If not contact Yourpay.
TerminalLogin (terminal)This parameter’s value can be eigher ‘1’ if its a terminal or ‘0’ if it’s not.

When you submit this form you should get a response like this:

clickThis is an id we use internally.
uidThe merchants user id
sessionkeyYour sessionkey, this id is not persistent, and expires after some time.
pincodeThis will always be empty
terminalIf you set terminal to ‘0’ this will be an empty array. If its set to ‘1’ it will contain a few variables described in the table below.
tokenYour merchant token. You need this for various other API calls.

The following table lists the variables returned in the terminal array of the main response, if terminal is set to ‘1‘.

activeIf the terminal is active or not. 1 = yes, 0 = no
terminal_identifierProduction identifier for the terminal.
terminal_keyKey used by the terminal to authenticate with our system.
test_terminal_identifierTest identifier for the terminal.
test_terminal_keyTest key used by the terminal to authenticate with our system.
merchantidYour merchantid used for test payments.
merchantid_prodYour merchantid for production. Needed to process real payments.
tokenYour merchant token
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