Use Yourpay in VirtueMart

VirtueMart is an open source e-commerce solution made for Joomla! Content Management System. If you have a webshop made in VirtueMart, you can use Yourpay as your payment solution. With Yourpay’s online gateway on your webshop, you can easily accept card payments from your customers.

Here on the page, you can read more about how quickly can download and install Yourpay’s free plugin on your VirtueMart webshop. You just have to follow the guide further down on the page.

Setting up Yourpay on your webshop

Before you begin to install the plugin in VirtueMart, you have to be aware of that you need an account with Yourpay in order to use our plugin. If you don’t already have an account, it doesn’t take long to create one. You can read more about the onboarding process for your Yourpay account here.

As soon as you have created your account and received your welcome e-mail, you can begin setting up your payment solution on your webshop.

  • Download the Zip file here
  • Go to your backend in VirtueMart under “Extentions” > “Manage” > “Install”
  • Upload the plugin
  • Click on “New” and choose Yourpay under “Payment Methods” and submit “Payment Name”
  • Click on “Save”
  • Go to “Configurations” in the same window and insert Merchant Token. Your find the token in your Yourpay admin under “Account Information”

If you need help with the setup or if you have questions regarding setting up in VirtueMart, then you are alsways welcome to contact our support team. You can do this through e-mail or on the phone.

Tlf.: 70 555 678
E-mail: support@yourpay.io

Are you developing the webshop yourself?

In Yourpay we work with an open API. If you want to set up the payment window in your webshop yourself, you can do so using our API documentation.

We have made an easy and thorough guide for you who develops webshops and websites. Your can find the guide here. You can also go directly to our API here.

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