Use Yourpay in osCommerce

osCommerce is a free open souce solution for building webshops. If you have a webshop in osCommerce, you can use Yourpay as your payment solution. That way you can easily accept card payments from your customers, as they shop on your website.

On this page, you can read how you quick and easily can download and install Yourpay’s free plugin for your webshop in osCommerce. You just have to follow the guide below.

How to install the Yourpay plugin

  • Create a Yourpay account
  • Download the Zip filen here
  • Unpack the Zip file
  • Copy the folder “Includes” into your osCommerce files
  • Go to your osCommerce backend under ”modules”->”payment” and click on Yourpay
  • Click on “Install” and fill out your merchant token, which you find on your Yourpay admin
  • Choose whether purchases should be approved or captured immeadiatly (auto capture)
  • Choose whether Yourpay should run in test or production mode

If you need help or have any questions regarding setting up the plugin on your webshop, you are always welcome to contact our support team, either on the phone or e-mail.

Phone.: +45 70 555 678
E-mail: support@yourpay.io

Get a Yourpay account

In order to receive payments through Yourpay on your webshop, you have to have an account. If you do not already have a Yourpay account, you can easily create one. You can read more about the entire onboarding process here.

As soon as you have created the account and received your welcome e-mail, you can begin setting up yout payment solution in osCommerce.

At Yourpay we offer prices with full transparency, which can be adjusted to your needs. You only pay for the transactions that you run through Yourpay. That means that there is no monthly fee and you pay the same price no matter the type of card and no matter where in world the card is from.

Read more about our prices here.

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