Upload owner documentation

When every owner of the company is registered, we need to confirm the owners, with Photo id and adress confirmation.
This is done by uploading a drivers license or passport, as well as a social security card.

You can do this on our platform admin.yourpay.io or via our API wich you can find here.

When you get to the function, you can see wich parameters is needed. The documenturl is the url, from where we should retreive the image.

Notice: “id” is the id you saved from “submit owners”.

Your can use our “try console” to insert these and test, that everything works, before implementing it into your platform.

This can be accesed by pressing the “try console” button in the top right hand corner

After entering the console, you can fill out the parameters and click “send request” to see if everything works.

Repeat this process for every owner. Your are now ready to build the payment solution. A great place to get started is by generating a payment link

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