Send payment link

You have the opportunity to capture money from your customers by sending an e-mail or text message with a payment link. Your can do this from your admin page, under “Send payment link”.

You can choose whether the link should be sent as a text message or e-mail or id the customer should pay the transaction fee. This however, is only legal, if it is B2B or with foreign customers, accordin to Danish law from January 1st 2018.

Payment link

Fill out the form

  1. Order ID: This can be your own text. Both numbers and letters can be used
  2. Amount: Write the amount that the customer has to pay and the currency
  3. Receiver’s name: Write your customer’s name
  4. Receiver’s e-mail/phone number: Write the receiver’s e-mail address or phone number
  5. Sender’s e-mail or phone number: Write the e-mail adress or phone number that the link should be sent from
  6. E-mail’s Subject/ Text title: Write the title of the e-mail or text
  7. Click on “Send Payment Link

Please note that the upper text box can be edited, in order to create a more personal message. You can’t edit the text with @ in front of it, as a code is generated based on this.

When you click on “Send Payment Link”, a message telling you that the link has been sent, will appear.

You can also choose your own e-mail as the receiver and then insert the payment link into another e-mail. You can do this if you want a different text and layout than the one in you admin.

Get a notification when you receive a payment

Did you know that you have the possibility of receiving a notification every time you receive a payment through Yourpay?

If you for example would like to know when your customer has paid through the payment link that you just sent. Then you can add this service in your App Store. Read how to do it here.

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