See KYC status for merchants

What is KYC?

KYC is the process happening from registration to production ready.

How do I check KYC for my merchants?

You can see the status of your merchants by using our API here.

When you follow the link, you can see which parameter is needed for the function.

In this function you only need the merchant token which can be found under “account” on admin.yourpay.io

You can try this via our “try console” function, by clicking the “try console” button in the top right corner.

Here you can insert at merchant token, and click “send request” to see the status.

When you get a status, you can look up which state the merchant is on

  • 1 = fill bank information and id
  • 2 = under compliance
  • 3 = waiting for visa/mastercard
  • 4 = getting a production id
  • 5 = ready
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