Reverse Transaction

It is possible with our API function ‘reverse_transaction’ to instantly release a reserved amount for an uncaptured payment. To get started look at the code example here.

When you run the code by uploading it to your server and navigate to it, you will see the following input form:


If you are unsure how to fill in the form, please look at the table below:

The request parameters are written in italic

TIP  You can open the file with notepad, if you do not have an editor for viewing source code.


Merchant ID (merchantid)The merchantid that the payment belongs to. This have to be a production id.
PaymentID (paymentid)The ten diget paymentid from when the payment was first created.
Time ID (timeid)The ten diget id you can get from the process_payment response under the key ‘time’ from when the payment was first created.

When you submit, you should get a JSON response saying the transaction succeeded. Now the funds are released for the consumer.

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