Refund with Yourpay

As a business there might be times, where it is necessary to refund af payment, either partially or fully.

Therefore, you have the option in your Yourpay admin to make either full or partial refunds of a captured payment.

Here you can read about how you easily can refund a payment from your Yourpay admin.

Refund in Yourpay

How to make a refund

In the menu in your admin page, you should go to “All Payments” and then choose “Captured Payments”.

In “Captured Payments” you should now select the payment that you want to refund to your customer. You can now choose to click on the “Refund” button, on the right from the payment. If you choose this, then you will make a full refund of the payment.

If you want to make a partial refund to your customer, then click on “More Info”.

Refund of payment

When you have clicked on “More Info”, you are able to see the Payment Details. Here you can on the line below “Amount to Refund” write the amount that you wish to return to the customer. Then click on the “Refund” button.

When you make a refund this way, you should be aware of that if no amount is written, then the full amount will be refunded.

Full or partial refund

Be aware

When you make a refund – either full or partial – you should be aware that it is not possible to reverse a refund of a payment.

When refunding a payment, it takes 2-3 bank days, before the money is visible on your customer’s bank account.

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