Refund directly in WooCommerce

When you use Yourpay, you can make a refund directly in WooCommerce without having to log in to your admin page.

As a business, there can be different reasons for having to make a complete or partial refund of a payment. Here you can see how to make a refund of an order directly in WooCommerce.

How to do it

On your order page in WooCommerce, you have to click on the specifik order, which you want to refund. Here you click on “Refund” belov the overview of what has been purchased.

WooCommerce Refund

Here you have the possibility to either make a total or partial refund or the order. You can either refund a speficic amount on the individual items, or an amount of items.

Then WooCommerce will calculate the total amount to be refunded and you then have to click on “Refund DKK XXX via Yourpay”. The order will now be refunded automatically to your customer through Yourpay.

Please make note that a refund in WooCommerce will take 2-3 bank days before the money is posted on your customer’s bank account, depending on the bank of the customer.

Refund in WooCommerce

Did you know...

You can also make a complete or partial refund from your Yourpay admin. You can read more about how to make the refund here.

You can also control your stock in your webshop with WooCommerce. Read more about stock control here.

If you use ViaBill or Resursbank through Yourpay, you can also activate these payment methods in WooCommerce. Read more about how to activate them here.

Yourpay offers a MobilePay Online agreement, which means that your customers can pay with MobilePay in your payment window. Read more about how to get a MobilePay agreement through Yourpay here.

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