Rebilling with CCRG

If you want the option to rebill a customer, we recommend using a CCRG key. A CCRG key is a method of storing the customers card information for later use .

If you are creating your 1st payment trough our API it is important to enable CCRG, so you can use it later.

You can always find the CCRG code from a transaction on admin.yourpay.io in details about the transaction.

When you have the CCRG code and are ready to rebill the customer, you can use the API found here.

In the API documentation, you can see wich parameters you need. “orderid” is a custom id so you can recognize the transaction.

You can try the code via our “try console” function, before you implement the function on your own platform.

Here you can enter your own parameters and click “send request” to see if it works. If you get a “success”, you have successfully rebilled the customer.

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