Rebilling (CCRG)


If you wan to utilize rebilling you can freely use our API code. Just find Rebilling in the left side menu and click on “200 OK” and then click on “Try Console”. 

You should use Rebilling CCRG.

Merchant ID

As soon as you want to make money on your integration, you have to use your Production Merchant ID. When making test payments, you should use your Merchant ID. 

By using your Merchant ID the card will be saved as a test card and there will made no actual payment with that card. 

CCRG code

This is the CCRG code, which has been created following the initial payment.

You can find it in your callback and manually find it in your Yourpay admin. You can find it in the payment details for the particular payment. Just click on “More Info” where you can find the code.

At the earliest it is possible to make a rebilling 4 hours after the code has been generated.

Be aware not to have a space before or after the code.

Alternative currency

This field should only be filled out if you want to capture a payment in a currency different to the original payment. You can do this by changing the numeral value of that currency. 


Amount is the amount of money to be paid. The amound should be given in cents. That means that in order to capture 1 DKK, you should write 100 – given that you are working in DKK. 

Cart id

Cart ID is the unique order ID for the payment. 

Please note that although you have previously been able to use Rebilling API without defininf Cart ID, it is important to add this value. 

Manual capture

This you have to set for 1, if true and 0 to capture the payment manually. 

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