Create rebilling after payment

If you want to set up a subscription on your payments, you can do so thorugh out API by using rebilling. On this page, you can see our guide on how to do it.

In order to set up subscriptions thorugh our API, you must first create rebilling keys (CCRG keys) on all your payments.

It is also possible to use CCRG keys to create rebilling if you receive payments on invoices from Dinero, e-conomic or Billy’s Billing.

Generate rebilling keys

The CCRG keys are used when you make a subscription payment through our API. You can set it up in the system so that these keys are generated on all your payments. You do this through “Yourpay General Settings” in App Store:

  • Go to App Store
  • Find “General Yourpay Settings”
  • Click on “Read More”
  • Write “1” in the field below “Opret gen-betalingsnøgle på alle transaktioner”
  • Click on “Save”
  • Click on “Close”
Yourpay app store read more button
Rebilling keys

Use Rebilling API

When the customer has made its payment, you will be able to see the payments CCRG key as order ID.

If you can’t see it, then find the payment and click on “More Info”. Here you will be able to see the CCRG key.

  • Go to Rebilling CCRG in our API
  • Click on 200 OK
  • Submit Production Merchant ID
  • Choose the amount to be captured
  • Choose the currency type
  • Submit the CCRG key
  • Submit order ID

When using this method, only one rebilling will be made. That means that you have to repeat the process in our API the next time you want to make a rebilling on the same customer. ASo if you want to make this automatic you have to use a backend.

Other subscription possibilities

There are other possibilities for you, using Yourpay, if you want to create subscriptions for your customers.

You have the possibility of setting up your own subscriptions in PHP. You can read more here, about which documentation you need in order to make a rebilling in PHP.

You also have the possibility of using WooCommerce’s Subcription Setup. This makes it possible to make subscription solutions on your website. If you already have a shop in WooCommerce you can buy the plugin there. Yourpay offers a freemium version of the plugin trough admin. However, this version will only work seperately from your webshop.

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