API Payment Window

When you as developer have to create a payment window, you can make use of our API.

In order to create a payment window, you have to use the function Generate Token.

If you want to try it yourself, you can click on “200 OK” and then on “Try Concole” and try the code.

It is important that  “http://” or “https://” in front of the URL.

Merchant token

You can find your Merchant Token along with your Merchant ID on your admin page, under Account information.

Merchant number

When you want to capture real payments through your integration, you have to use your Production Merchant ID. When running test payments, you should use your Merchant ID.

By using Merchant ID, the system will read the card information as a test card, and therefore no actual capture will be made on the card.


The CCRG parametre should be set to 1 in order to generate a CCRG key, which can be used for rebilling.

As soon as the payment has been made, it will create a unique CCRG key.

Please note, that it is only possible yo use the rebilling function after at least 4 hours after the CCRG key has been created.

Shop platform

Here you should write whih platform you use.


Amount is the amount of money that has to be paid. The amount should be listed in cents. That means that if you want to capture 1 of a given currency, you should write 100.


The currency that the payment should be made in.


The autocapture parametre should be defined as 1, if the payment should be captured automatically, and 0 if the payment should be captured manually.

Cart id

The unique Order ID for the payment.

Accept url

URL for the site where the customers should be transferred to, after completing the purchase.

Callback url

A URL to your backend, where we can send a response, as soon as the payment is completed.


The language that you use.

Customer name

Name of the customer


The UNIX time on which the callback is made.


If you use 3D Secure, you should write 1. If not, then write 0.

When you have submitted all the information, click on Send Request. You will then get a callback in Body.

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