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With our API function ‘payment_search’ it is possible to search for a payment, you can search by a wide variety of ids or strings.

To get started please look at the code example here.

When you run the code by uploading the file to your server and navigate to it in your browser, you will see the following input form:


If you’re unsure how to fill in the form, please look at the table below:

The parameter names are written in italic. They are case sensitive.

TIP  You can open the file with notepad, if you do not have an editor for viewing source code.
Merchant Token (token) You can get this token by logging into our admin portal at admin.yourpay.io and look under integration settings.
Search (search)Your search query.
Method (method) use the method “all”
More methods will be added.

On submit you will get a JSON response with the following data:

PaymentIDSix digit identifier.
TransIDTen digit identifier.
OrderIDThe orderid set on the transaction.
merchantidThe merchantid which the payment was processed for.
cardtypeThe cardtype used e.g. VISA, MasterCard. ‘2’ & ‘3’ is for VISA & ‘4’ is for MasterCard
currencyISO-4217 code for the currency used in the transaction.
amountThe amount charged on the credit card.
cardnoThe first six and last four digits of the card number.
cardprefixThe last 4 numbers of the card.
secure‘1’ if the payment was processed with 3D Secure, ‘0’ otherwise.
time_registrationUnix timestamp of the moment the transaction was processed.
cardholderThe full name of the card owner, which is printed on the credit card.
platformThe platform used to pay with Yourpay.
completed_throughConfirms if the payment have been processed through 3D Secure
amount_capturedAmount captured on the payment.
time_capturedUnix timestamp of the moment the payment was captured.
time_refundedUnix timestamp of the moment the payment was refunded.
amount_refundedAmount refunded on the payment.
time_deletedUnix timestamp of the moment the payment was deleted.
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