The best payment module for WP e-Commerce

Yourpay has made a free open source payment module for WP e-commerce, which makes easy to receive payments in you webshop.

WP e-commerce is a free plugin shop-expansion for your WordPress installation. This means that you should have the plugin installed before using our module in your shop.

The actual installation doesn’t take more than 5-7- minutes and when it is done, it will run automatically and you can just focus on making money.

Download the module here, and follow the few steps of the guide. When you are done, your shop is ready to receive payments from Visa and MasterCard cards.

Create your Yourpay account

In order to use Yourpay to receive payments, you need an account and payment agreement with Yourpay.

As soon as you have created the account, you will receive an e-mail containing your Merchant Token. You need this when setting up in WP e-commerce.

Both the module and your account is ready to use right away so that you can receive payments from your customers.

Install Yourpays payment module in your webshop

It is always a good idea to make a backup of both your website and webshop, before downloading new modules. Now, you should download the module, if you haven’t done that already. You can find it further up on the page.

Unpack the file on your computer, and add the file yourpay.php to your  WordPress installation in this folder:  /wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-merchants/

As soon as the file has been added, the installation is done, new you just need to set it up.

Activate Yourpay in your webshop

  1. Log into your websgop, and access the administration panel.
  2. Click on Settings and Store
  3. Choose Payments in the top, and then a long list will appear
  4. Select Yourpay at the bottom of the list, and click on Settings
  5. Now insert your merchant token, which you have received in an e-mail. This can also be found on your Yourpay admin page under Account Information
  6. When the merchant token has been inserted, refresh the page
  7. Now the module has been set up in your webshop

You have now completed the set up of Yourpay in WP e-commerce and you are ready to receive payments.

We recommend that you make a test order, in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly through the payment flow.

Good luck withyour webshop.

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