Payment fails with Billy

Yourpay offers an integration for the accounting system Billy’s Billing. This allows for your customers to pay invoices with their card. Are you experiencing that the payments fail, when your customer try to pay your invoices? Here on this page, you can read more about this error, and what you can do to resolve it.

Card Payment Not Acitivated

If your customer’s payment fails in Billy, the error below can appear:

Card Payment Not Activated i Billys Regnskab

This error means that the setup on your Billy account in connection to the integration with Yourpay is not correct. Therefore, there is no connection between Billy and the Yourpay system.

You should therefore contact Billy and ask them to check the setup on your account. You can contact them, either by sending them an e-mail or through the chat on their website.

In the message or e-mail, you have to provide them with some information from your Yourpay account. They need the following information:

  • CVR/VAT Number
  • Company name
  • Production Merchant ID
  • Merchant ID
  • Merchant Token

You can find your Merchant ID, Production Merchant ID and your Merchant Token under Account information on your admin page.

When Billy confirms that they have updated the information on your account, you can ask your customer to try and pay the Billy invoice again. It should now be possible to complete the payment.

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You can also find answers to most questions in our support center.

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