How to find your Merchant Token

Merchant Token is one of the key terms in your Yourpay solution.

You will need your Merchant Token when you use one of our plugins on your webshop. You will also need it if you are building the webshop yourself.

We use your Merchant Token for basically all communication between your webshop, your accounting program and our API. That means that your token is what ensures that the money you make on your webshop, ends up on your Yourpay account.

On this page, you can see how to fint you Merchant Token.

How to find the token

You find your Merchant Token on your Yourpay admin page.

Go to Account Information in the menu to the left. You find the token at the bottom of the page, as shown on the picture:

merchant token

When you have to use the token, for example for setting up your webshop, you can simply copy it from admin and paste in the webshop settings.

Are you using one of our plugins?

Yourpay has plug’n’play modules for the most common shop systems on the market.

With our payment solution you get both an acquiring agreement and gateway in one single deal. That way you save both time and money, when getting your webshop ready to receive payments.

Payment should be easy. With Yourpays plugins you can be ready to receive payments within 60 seconds. In our support center, you can find guides for setting up your webshop.

Are you building the webshop yourself?

Are you developing and building your webshop yourself? Then it is still possible for you to use Yourpay as payment solution.

You can use our open API documentation. We have made a guide for the most important funtions that you will need. Here you can see how to generate token, make IPN / callback, Payment_list and capture / refund for your webshop.

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