Is there a setup fee?

When you create an account with Yourpay you don’t pay a setup fee.

With a Yourpay as your payment solutio, you only pay a transaction fee. That means that you only pay for the transactions that go through Yourpay.

No hidden fees

Our payment solution is based on the “pay-as-you.go” principle, meaning that you only pay for when you use Yourpay’s services. Therefore there is no setup fee, no monthly subscription for having an account and there is no minimum contract period on your agreement.

What you see is what you get. That means that the prices don”t change depending on whether you use Yourpay for your webshop, for subscriptions or for a physical store. You can pick the price that suits your needs. You can find our prices here.

Transaction fee with full transparency

With Yourpay’s pricing model, you get, in addition to free setup, a single transaction fee that applies to all Visa and MasterCards.

That means that the prices doesn’t change depending on the card that your customer uses to pay with in your store. Where in the world the customer, or more so where the customer’s card is from, doesn’t have anything to do with the price either. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid of any unexpected price increases.

You can read more about how we have calculated this into our pricing model here. You calso read more about what you should be aware of, when asking our competitors about their prices.

Did you know...

With a Yourpay payment solution, you also have the opportunity to accept multiple currencies in your store or webshop. When we make the payout to you, we can either make the payout to a currency account or convert the money into DKK. 

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