Integrate Resursbank through Yourpay

Resurs Bank is specialised in consumer credits, loans and issues credit cards. 

Resurs Bank is part of The Resurs Group, which operates through subsidiaries Resurs Bank and Solid Försäkring, is a leader in retail finance in the Nordic region, offering payment solutions, consumer loans and niche insurance products.

You can receive and handle Resurs Bank transactions through Yourpay, through Yourpays processing engine.

To get started we have included a code example here.

TIP  You can open the file with notepad, if you do not have an editor for viewing source code.

Before you run the code, you need to set some parameters in the code. Please take a look at the following table:

If you have another different product, it would then be product_2_id, name etc.

 total_productsThe total amount of unique products on the order.
 product_1_idThe id of the product.
 product_1_nameThe name of the product.
 product_1_qty The amount of the product on order.
product_1_total The total amount.
 product_1_taxThe amount in tax.
billing_first_nameFirst name of the consumer.
billing_last_nameLast name of the consumer.
 billing_address_1The primary billing address.  
billing_address_2The secondary billing address.
billing_cityThe city the consumer recides in.
billing_postcodeThe postal code of the city.
billing_countryTwo letter country code.
accepturlThe url we redirect the customer to when the payment is processed, normally a “thank you” page.
callbackurlThe URL we should send IPN’s to. Read more about IPN here
versionThis is if you are running a specific version, then some dependancies are activated, however ‘201’ is a clean version so you can leave it as it is.
splitShould always be ‘0’
ShopPlatform The shop used to make the order. for instance woocommerce, magento etc.
CurrencyCodeThe ISO-4217 id of your desired currency. You can find a full list of currency codes here.
timeUnix timestamp of the moment of the transaction.
cartidThe orderid you wish to use for the transaction.
customernameThe full name of the consumer.
MerchantNumberThe merchantid that the payment is being made for.
customer_emailThe email of the consumer.
customer_phonephone number of the consumer.
amountThe total amount to be paid by the consumer.

Now if you run the code by uploading it to your server and navigate to the file through your browser you get window that looks like this:


Follow the instructions in the payment window and when the payment is completed you are returned to your defined accept url along with the following callback response:

uxtime Unix timestamp of the moment the Callback was made.
MerchantNumberThe merchantid which the transaction is processed for.
tchecksum & checksumSHA1 encode of PaymentID + Integrationkey.
orderidThe orderid provided.
ShopPlatformThe platform from which the order was made on. WooCommerce, Prestashop, OpenCart etc.
amountAmount reserved on the customers creditcard.
splitAlways ‘0’
dateThe date of the transaction note its in the format “YYYY-MM-DD”.
cvcAlways empty
expmonthExpiry month of the creditcard.
expyearExpiry year of the creditcard.
tcardnoFirst Six & last four digets of the card number the rest is replaced by ‘X’
timeUnix timestamp that indicates the time of the transaction.
cardidOur id for the card type used, VISA, mastercard etc.
currencyThe currency code for the currency used in the transaction.


NOTE: The variables related to creditcard data might be empty here because we don’t use them, in this case we simply pass them to Resurs Bank.


Congratulations you have now sucessfully completed a payment with Resurs Bank & Yourpay.

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