How to use Yourpay in Magento

Magento is an open sources e-commerce platform, which helps you to make your own webshop. It is a scalable system, with various free and premium extensions available to you as a webshop owner.

If you have a webshop in Magento – both 1 and 2 – you can easily use Yourpay as your online payment solution. Here on this page, you can see how to quickly can be ready to receive payments on your webshop with Yourpay.


Our module only takes 2-3 minutes to install and few minutes to configurate.

Please note that you have to use your merchant ID, which you will find in your Yourpay admin under “Account Information”.

If you want to make test payments, you should use your Merchant ID and when you are ready to receive real payments, you can use your Production Merchant ID.

How to do it: 

  • Log onto your adminstration page as administrator
  • Click on “System” in the top menu
  • Click on “Magento Connect”
  • Click on “Magento Connect Manager”
  • Choose the field “Direct package file upload”
  • Upload the Yourpay module file

You have now installed the plugin in your webshop and you now have to configurate the plugin.

  • Log onto your adminstration page as administrator
  • Click on “System” in the top menu
  • Click on “Configuration”
  • Click on “Payment methods” (under sales). Set up as shown:
Settings for Yourpay in Magento 1.7

Merchant ID: Insert your Production Merchant ID

Gateway: Insert our URL https://payments.yourpay.se/betalingsvindue.php

Credit card types: Choose the types of credit cards that your solution is approved to accept (Visa and MasterCard)

Request Card Security Code: Set to “YES”

Payment Action: As standard it should be set to “Only Approve”, so that you from your admin can capture the payment when the order has been sent.

If you in your webshop sell product that are immediatly delivered to the customer, you can use “Approve and capture”.

With Yourpay in Magento you get a payment solution which is easy, fast and simple.

If you need help to set up Yourpay in Magento, our support team is ready by the mail or phone.

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