How to set up a marketplace

How to set up marketplace

With Yourpay, you have the possibility to use the function Marketplace, which makes it easy and manageable to handler your customers. 

A marketplace can be set up to automatically divide a payment between several recipients, so that all parties get their share.

Please note that a transactions fee will be deducted from all parties. 

How to set up a marketplace on your account

Go to your Yourpay admin.

  • Log in with your username and password
  • When you log in, you see your Dashboard
  • Here go to App Store in your leftside menu and click on “Marketplace”

After having clicked on “Read More” you can read a short description and then click on “Install” in order to activate the function. 

Yourpay app store

When the function is activated, you are ready to implement Chained Payment, which you can read more about here

Please note, that we cannot offer support on the coding of Chained Payment. 

App store installer knap

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