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The e-mærket is the most recognized Danish certification scheme for webshops. The brand aims to increase the security of online commerce, for both consumers and traders.

As e-commerce has increased significantly in Denmark, there has also been an increased focus on online fraud – stories that we have probably all heard about. Consumers have also become more aware of whether shopping is a credible place to shop. With the e-mærket, you can send a very clear signal to your customers that they can shop safely here.


How to get certified

e-mærket helps and guides you through the certification process, so you can quickly and easily get started using the opportunities e-mærket provides.

You begin the certification process by filling out this form.

Your appointed legal case worker at e-mærket reviews your webshop with the purpuse of ensuring that it meets e-mærket’s certification criteria.

After the review, you will receive your review document, which contains solutions for the corrections and additions you need to handle.

The review document is your tool for implementing the solutions on your webshop.

The five main points in e-mærket certification criteria are:

  • Clear information about the webshop
  • Easy access to privacy policy
  • Transparent purchase flow
  • Clear information regarding delivery, cancellation and complaints
  • Quick answer to questions
  • Once the solutions have been implemented, your legal case worker at e-mærket will take over again

Your webshop will be reviewed one last time in relation to correct implementation. When your webshop meets the guidelines of e-mærket, the process of certification of your webshop is completed.

Need help?

If you have questions about the process, or if you need help with what to submit to e-mærket, you can read more on their website here.

Security with Yourpay

If you use Yourpay’s products, you are always sure that you comply with e-mærket’s guidelines when purchasing. We comply with all PCI DSS requirements and use both our AI Fraud Prevention, 3D secure and VerifiedByVisa.

You can read more about our Fraud Prevention here.

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