How do I make a test payment in WooCoomerce?

When setting up your webshop, you might need to make a test payment in WooCommerce. You therefore have the opportunity to test is the plugin works, by making a test payment.

On this page, you will find a simple guide on how to make test payment in WooCommerce. If you use a different shop system than WooCommerce in your webshop, you can find a guide on how to make test payments here.

How to make a test payment

In order to make a test payment, you simply have to access you WooCommerce backend and go to Settings in the left side of the control panel.

  1. Select “Payments” and find Yourpay. Here you can click on either “Yourpay” or on “Manage”.
  2. Find the option of putting payments in test mode, by ticking of the box “Force Test-Mode” and click on “Save”.
  3. Now make a purchase. Go to your webshop and put something in your basket. Choose Yourpay as payment method, and proceed to payment. If there isn’t already customer information filled out, then submit somthing random. Proceed to the payment window. Here it should say “Test-mode”. If it doesn’t then go back and “Force Test-mode” again.
  4. There should be a pre-filled out card information and you can therefore click on Pay. If the payment is accepted then the plugin is set up correctly.

Remember to deactivate test mode again, in order to be able to receive real payments.

You can now go to your admin page and see the transaction. It will be marked as a test payment, and you can choose to either refund it or capture it.

Since it is a test, it won’t actually capture any money.

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