How do I make a test payment in my webshop?

Do you need to make a test payment before going live with your new webshop? On this page you can find a step by step guide on how to make a test payment in your webshop.

Please note that there is a seperate guide for making test payments in WooCommerce.

How to do it

Step 1

  • Log on to your webshop backend
  • Find Yourpay in “Settings” and then “Payment providers”
  • Choose Yourpay and click on “Edit”. Here you have to enter your merchants ID, which you will find your admin page.

Step 2

  • Open your admin page and go to “Account Information”. in the field “Merchant ID” on your webshop, you can enter the ID from the admin page into.

Step 3

  • Go back to the admin page and find “Integration Key”. You have to define the key yourself (use both letters and numbers). It is automatically saved, but just to make sure, click on a random spot on the page and then press F5. If the key stays there, then it is saved.
  • Insert the key into your webshop and click on “Save”.

Please note that if you open you Yourpay module again, it won’t work if you don’t submit the key.

Step 4:

  • Now you have to make a purchase. Go to your webshop and put something in the basket.
  • Choose Yourpay as payment method, and proceed to payment.
  • If there isn’t already submitted customer information, just submit something random.
  • Proceed to the payment window. Her it should make you aware of test-mode being activated. If it doesn’t then repeat steps 1-3.

There should be a pre-filled out cardnumber, and therefore you can just click on pay. If the payment is accepted, then the plugin is set up correctly.

Remember to disable testmode again, in order to be able to receive real payments. You can do so, by submitting your Productions Merchant ID, which you’ll also find on your admin page.

You can now to your Yourpay admin page and see the transaction. It will be marked as a test and you can choose to either release it (pay it back) or capture it. No real money will be captured though, as this is just a test.

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