How do I change my password?

There can be several reasions for you to want to change your password.

When you create your Yourpay account, we send you an automatically generated password to you. Therefore you might want to change that password into something a bit more personal.

It could also be that you have forgotten your password, and therefore need to have it reset in order to access your admin page again.

On this page, you can read more about how you in both cases can get a new password.

Have you forgotten the password?

Have you forgotten your password, you can on the login page request for it to be reset.

You do so, by clicking “Forgotten Password? Click here!”. Hereafter, you have to submit the e-mail adress, which is registrered to your account and the press the button.

You will now receive a new password on e-mail.

If you for some reason don’t receive a new password as expected, you can alway contact our support team, who can also help you to reset your password.

Create your own personal password

You also have the opportunity to change your password in admin, if you want a more personal password.

If you have just had your password reset, we recommend that you change it yourself to something of your choice.


Step 1
Click on “Click to change password”

Step 2
Then fill out the details in the pop-up window, and then click on “Change password”.

Your password is now changed, and can be used to log in with in the future.

Do you have more than one account?

Do you have more than one Yourpay account, where you use the same e-mail adress to log in with? Then be aware of that such cases the passwords is what decides which account you log on to.

Make sure to have two different passwords on your accounts in order to ensure that you log on to the right account every time.

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