How do I change my bank details?

For security reasons, it is not possible for you yourself to change your bank details or account information with Yourpay.

In order for you to change your bank details, you have to contact the Yourpay support team. You can do so either on e-mail or on the phone. See more here.

When you contact Yourpay, we will make sure that the current bank information is reset. Hereafter you are able to submit the new details.

You will, as soon as your Yourpay account is ready for submission of new bank details, be met by a pop-up window when you log onto your admin.

  • Choose account type and submit the required bank details
  • Then click on “Submit Bank Info”

Be aware that all payment that have been captured prior to changing the bank details, will by default be paid out to the account that was registrered previously.

Changing bank details
Bank details

How to see which account we make the payouts to

In your Yourpay admin, you have the opportunity to see, what information is registered on your account. That also means that you have the opportunity to see if we have already registrered a possible change in ownership of your company.

You can also see, which bank account we make pay outs to. Thereby, you can make sure that the correct information is registered on your account or if there is a need for change.

You can find this information under “Manage Documentation” in the upper right corner of your admin. The icon is depicted by a little man in an address book. You can see it on the image below.

Manage documentation

By clicking on “Manage Documentation”, a pop-up window will appear. Here you can, by clicking on the orange circles, see the different information registered on your account.

In addition to bank details, you can access information regarding the company, such as VAT-number, address and phone number. You can also see owner information, such as names of all owners and their share of the company.

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