How do I capture payments?

If you don’t have a system put in place for automatic capture of your payments, you have to do it through your Yourpay admin.

If you have any uncaptured payments, they will appear on your Dashboard. Here you can capture the payments one by one, or click on “Capture All”.

You can also view your uncaptured payments in “All Payments”. Here you just have to select “Non-ncaptured Payments”.

Here you also the opportunity to wither capture all payments at once, or do it one by one.

All payments

How to do a partial capture

As a business, there might be times, where you need to capture only a part of the amount. If you want to capture the full amount, just click on “Capture”.

In case of you needing to only capture a part of the amount, you can make a partial capture.

You do this by clicking on “More Info” next to the payment that you wish to capture partially.

Below the section “Amount to Capture” you can write the amount that you want to capture. Then click on “Capture”

You have to opportunity to capture the rest of the amount at a later point in time.

If you have any questions or problems, you are always welcome to contact our support team. Contact them on support@yourpay.io eller on the phone +45 70 555 678.

Do you need to make a refund?

As a business there might be times, where it is necessary to refund af payment, either partially or fully.

Therefore, you have the option in your Yourpay admin to make either full or partial refunds of a captured payment.

Read more about how to make a refund here.

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