Get your DBA or P-number on the customer reciept

Does your store or webshop not have the same name as the one your company is registered under in the CVR register? Then you have the opportunity to have your DBA (Doing Business As – secondary name) or P-number put on your customers’ receipts and bank statements.

It is our responsibility as a payment provider to ensure that your customer can always identify where they have shopped. It is therefore also our task to ensure this in the best possible way.

As a starting point, we always take the name from the CVR register www.cvr.dk as your official company name. The challenge, however, is that it is not always easy for the customer to see where they have shopped. Especially not if your business is not named the same as your store.

We therefore provide the option to use your DBA and P-number as store name on the receipts and account statements.

How to do it

If you have several stores, it is a requirement that you have a p-number for each “production unit”, which can be understood as a store, branch, factory or the like.

If you have not created a P-number for your store yet, you can read the Danish Business Authority’s guide for creating a P-number.

As soon as your P-number has been created and appears on the CVR register’s website, we can add it to your agreement and change the name on the receipt and the bank statement.

Use of DBA on receipts and bank statements

It’s a good idea when you run an internet business (for example a webshop) to register all the names that you use.

If you have several domains that your webshop can be found on, or run several independent webshops, it’s good business to have them all registered as DBA for your company name. If you have several domains, you can read about how to add them in Yourpay here.

The Danish Business Authority has made an easy guide to change your company name – and thus register your DBA.

As soon as the Danish Business Authority has registered your change, and it has been published on cvr.dk, we can change your text on receipts and the customer’s bank statement.


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