Get Customer Domain

You can easily get a list of your registered domains, here is how.A code example can be found here.
TIP  You can open the file with notepad, if you do not have an editor for viewing source code.
 To get the customer domain list you can send a request to our API function ‘customer_domain’ with the following info:Request parameters are written in italic.
Token (token)You can get this token by logging into our admin portal at admin.yourpay.io and look under integration settings.
 When you run the code by uploading the file to your server and navigating to the path, you will see a form with a single input field.


After submit, you get a JSON response with an array of the following fields:
merchantidYour test merchantid for the specific domain
merchantid_prodYour production merchantid for the specific domain, assigned to you by Yourpay, after going through our onboarding process.
websiteThe website address of the domain.
merchant_tokenThe merchant token belonging to the specific domain.
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