Error codes from callbacks

If you recieve the callbacks from your payments to your own server, you can see which error occurs. We have collected a list of error codes- with a decription of what they mean below:


This means the customers card, has reached their monthly or daily limit.

CVC does not match

This means the entered CVC code doesn’t match with the entered card numbers.


This means the customer’s card have expired, and they need to contact their bank to get a new card.

Expiry date does not match

This means the entered expiration date, doesn’t match with the entered card number.


This means the customers card have been reported missing or stolen. If you have the opportunity to physically pick up the card (only in store), you should keep it and call the bank.


This means the customer have tried to use a dankort to pay for the transaction, since Yourpay can’t facilitate this card you’ll get an error.

Transaction declined by authorization system

This means that either the customers bank or our security system, has declined the transaction without further.

Transaction declined by processor

This means the customer’s bank has denied the transaction without further description. This can happen if the customer has insuficient funds, blocked the card, or any other reason the bank cannot disclose.

Transaction could not be verified

This can happen if there is a technical error or the payment fields is filled out incorrectly.

Do not honour

This means that the customer’s card issuing bank has declined the payment.

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