Can I get my payouts early?

If you need your money urgently, we can release your payouts before the set release date at a fee of 50 DKK. 

In order to get an earlier release of your payouts, you can make such order to our support e-mail support@yourpay.io with the subject line: “Release to next coming bank day” as well as an description of which payout you want to have released. 

We are open for such orders everyday until 7pm. 

It is not possible to make an instant transfer.

Have you experienced several situations where you need an early release then it might be a good idea to adjust your agreement with Yourpay so you have fewer payout days. 

You can read more about our prices and payout days here

If you want to change your transaction fee and payout days, you can contact us on support@yourpay.io.

Please note, that it is not possible for you to change your fee and payout days on your agreements, which have been made through one of our partners. 

Dates in admin

On your admin page you can see different dates: 

Capture date: the date, where the money has been captured manually or automatically.

Payout days: If you for example have 5 payout days, the payout will be released following 5 bankdays of the capture of the payment. 

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