e-conomic invoices with payment through VISADankort, VISA and MasterCard

E-conomic is a complete accounting program used by both large and small companies in Denmark. With more than 120,000 customers, it is clear to say, that e-conomic is one of Denmark’s largest. And getting started with e-conomic invoices is easy.

The name refers to the use of economy and covers various underlying meanings. e-conomic is an accounting program that works in the Cloud and you do therefor not need to have any programs installed on your own computer to use it.

Get payment of invoices with VisaDankort, Visa and MasterCard

We have created a free module for e-conomic, e-conomic invoices, which is easy for you to set up and makes it easier for your customers to pay their bill to you online.

The module supports the following functions

  • Automatically retrieves the amount from e-conomic.
  • The payment window can be displayed in several languages.
  • The customer can pay in their own currency.
  • You can send invoices in several currencies.
  • The option to receive an email when your customer has paid.
  • The option to receive an SMS when your customer has paid.
  • Quick and easy setup.

Click here to read the setup instructions and get started with e-conomic invoices today and make your, and your customers’, everyday life easier.

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Stay updated

We regularly update the guide with new tips and tricks, so you get the most out of your e-conomic installation at Yourpay.

As a customer, we always keep you updated via. our news media – it’s on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. When there is significant news, we will also send it to you by e-mail.

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Do you need help?

Are you still left with a lot of questions or do you need help setting it up? Then you are always welcome to contact us by email at support@yourpay.io or by phone 70 555 678.

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