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If you want to download reports and lists to your computer, with all your Yourpay transactions and payments, you can easily get an overview of all transactional activities on your Yourpay account in Download Payments.

In Download Payments in the menu in your admin, you have quick and easy access to an overview of all the payments that have gone through your Yourpay account. Both those that have made by your customers as well as the payouts we have made to you.

You have the opportunity to download both CSV and Excel files. You also have the possibility of having the file sent directly to your e-mail.

How to download your payments

Before downloading a file containing your payments, you have to:

  • Choose the time period that you wish to download from.
  • Choose which payment type you wish to download.
  • Choose which type of file you want to download, or if you wish to receive it in an e-mail.

Period: Choose the period you to download payments from. You can choose to download payments from the last 24 hours, the last 3 days, last 7 days, the last month, the last your or you can choose a custom time period. If you choose a custom time period, you have to define the to and from dates yourself.

Payment Type: Here you can choose which type of payments you wish to download. You can choose to download all payments, new payments, captured, refunded and released payments. You can also choose to download all payouts, or payout transactions, where you can see when each transaction has been paid out.

NB.: If a warning pops up, saying that the file is too large for download, you can choose to have it sent to your e-mail. This can be done by writing your e-mail address under “Email Adress” and then “Send CSV as mail”.

Do you need help? Our support team is ready to help you. Send us an email at support@yourpay.io or call us at +45 70 555 678

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